It was a must do – call it the ultimate opportunity to go to the cradle of Yoruba land.

The marathon activities projected itself as a one time opportunity to see two greats at once – the great OAU and the great Ile-Ife city itself. So bag in hand the road trip began.

A day before the Ile-Ife Heritage Marathon (IHM) there was need to pick up some toiletries and the all important bananas ahead of the trip so our super entrepreneurial and patient tour guide – Nonu stopped by an ATM enroute.

Then I saw them ! The skyline was laced with possibly a thousand of them….Bats!

Bats fluttering and scampering in the air from a giant oak tree and some falling from the sky.

Under the same tree the bats flew off from, there was a clustering of people haggling over goods they had peered over. Apparently there was a connection.

The bats were being hunted for food! The people clusters were potential buyers and side hustlers and the bats were free falling for food! Musings and pondering wandered to the bats as men hurled them in bags and bowls excitedly in a weird kind of way.

Apparently the bats have made that tree their abode for years and have been hunted there often but have not migrated nor fled.

Then i wondered how many times I’m like these bats at work, with clients or on an entrepreneurial endeavour.

How many times has just being at a place of discomfort been a seemingly better option than moving or doing something about the situation?

How many times do the same issues come up often with dire results and consequences yet we’re complacent in doing something about migrating?

Might it be the plague of the comfort zone?

Or wishing and hoping it would not happen again yet the ‘hunters’ circle right back and the pattern repeats itself.

Are you displaying this characteristic of the tree bat? At work or on your job? On a project or with some specific team members? At home? In your career?

You have the strength to change your story or “tree” in the case of these bats by first believing you can then becoming restless about the “gunshots” and “hunters”.

You are not a bat or a tree. Do something. Go somewhere. Move!

As published in Businessday of 13 Feb 2018:

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