The Dead Sea.

Some have generally heard about the Dead Sea and some others may remotely know it exists. The Dead Sea is on the border of Israel, Jordan and the West bank.

There’s a lot of information out there about the Dead Sea but the one that most hit me is that water does not flow out of the Dead Sea, but it does flow in from rivers and streams. Hmm. Water does not flow out of the Dead Sea. It just sits there. Never giving, never sharing never contributing – just taking.

So are you Dead Sea spec?

  • Are you the never giving, never sharing, never contributing but always taking one? At work? On your team? In your company? With family – spouse, sibling, relative? Ah! The brain processes this so fast that you would absolve yourself before the words really hit home. Let’s break down some more characteristics of the Dead Sea and how to tell if you’re Dead Sea spec.
  • No life form thrives in the Dead Sea.

What situation in career, business or life in general are you not allowing life to thrive?

  • It contains 33% salinity – almost 10 times as salty as the typical ocean. When do you go too extreme? Too salty than normal? Is it in critiquing or teaching others? Is it in correcting or proving others wrong? Too salty doesn’t work – in life, at work or on the entrepreneurial journey.
  • The Dead Sea is acclaimed to be the lowest point on earth i.e. earths lowest elevation on land.

How low do you go on the moral compass?

  • Are you the one who would brush off cheating as being street smart, cutting corners as being sharp and lying as no big deal? You my friend, are just low or in other words, Dead Sea spec!
  • Dead Sea is at least three million years old – old speaks to mature and sage-like but when it’s old and stagnant, surely it would reek of all manner of stuff. What parts of you manifest as old and stagnant? What parts of you are you not allowing to be old and mature without stagnation? “This is how we’ve always done it in this office”. “This is how we are in our family”. “Our ancestors manifested foolishness and so we are bound to walk that path” – amongst other lame excuses dead sea specs tell themselves. Shake it off!
  • Dead sea salt is super bitter compared to table salt. Are you bitter? A plain malicious slanderer? Just out to spread bitter lies to cover up dastardly acts? You’re Dead Sea spec. Do well to transition to the other spectrum as it would save your life.

Interestingly there are a few laudable facts about the Dead Sea – you can float in it without any effort due to its natural buoyancy. It’s a centre for research, medical treatments, a source of potash for fertilizer balms used in Egyptian mummification and it’s a tourist attraction. There’s something to write home about even with the Dead Sea.

Last but not the least, the Dead Sea is not really a sea but a salt lake. Ironic!

In what scenarios do you portray yourself as what you’re not? Check again – don’t be a Dead Sea spec!



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