Hyenas! They are a special breed. Not quite cats and not quite dogs.

They are different enough to be classified in their own family called Hyaenidae and are of 4 types – the striped hyena,, the brown hyena, the spotted hyena and the aardwolf (yes it’s a type of hyena not a wolf)

Of the species of hyena’s the striped hyena is known to be the carrion-eater. The ones that feed on decaying animals and dead left over in the wild.

They can then be termed the lazy ones. The ones who don’t hunt but just wait for the left-over of the hunted.

So in your career or business, when is it okay to be a striped hyena and take the back burner?

It’s important to note that in life and work it takes wisdom to know when to pick your fights and when to let go.

It’s important to be clear enough that it’s sometimes not worth jumping in the ring. It’s sometimes worth waiting for all the fuss to die down before going into the arena.

It can be worth exploring the back seat and watch the carcass get torn, eaten and left over….

Surely there has got to be the benefits of being a striped hyena – they won’t have survived the wild if there weren’t lessons to be learn from not always being at the fore?

Hyena lessons 101:

Striped hyenas have excellent senses of vision and have a strong sense of smell and hearing. It’s okay to not always be in the fore BUT have a strong sense of vision and not cower when the time comes to contribute.

It’s okay to be active sometimes and spend other times “sleeping” – knowing when you have strengths and leveraging it effectively is critical to bringing out the best in yourself. The striped hyena is active at night and spends days sleeping in a cave.

It’s okay to be silent or sometimes solitary just like the striped hyena. No better way to couch it than Rumi – “The quieter you become, the more you are able to hear”

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