There’s something about keeping good company. The type that challenges and inspires you. The ones that gist and chit chat yet you gain valuable life lessons from the banter…and if all fails, you get an inspiration for an article!

That happened this morning and got my article writing juices flowing again when I heard the catch phrase working hard or hardly working on an early morning e-conversation. It set me thinking all manner of work-life related thoughts which are best channelled into writing. Enjoy!

It’s already August 2017. A-u-g-u-s-t is already here. The 8th month of the year. Rainy season in Nigeria takes its famous “august break” and summer officially hits its half way mark in the northern hemisphere.

If you were to self-evaluate and rate yourself on the working hard (WH) or hardly working (HW) spectrum, what would it be?

We’re going to assume there are no middle grounds – it’s either zero (0) or one hundred (100). It’s either you’re working hard or hardly working.

So evaluate yourself on the following:

If you were to rate yourself on citizenship? You know, that part you play and quota you add towards being a better citizen in Nigeria – either by birth, parent’s birth or by permanent residency status – would you have worked hard these last 8 months or have hardly worked? Are you one that throws litter out your sophisticated sleek car and thrash into gutters? You are working hard to cause drainage and flood the city my friend! Rechannel your energy and effort !

How about on parenting? Just before you slip off with the “I don’t have children” thought, how about care-giver status? Yes dear Aunty, Uncle, Grandparent, teacher or Pet lover? Are you working hard or hardly working? Yes taking them to parks and buying fast food counts but is hardly the fundamental part of parenting. Are you working hard and enquiring on what really matters? Are you spending time with them reading, asking questions and probing?

Are you explaining the world, tenets, values and fundamental foundational principles that help shape who they truly become a decade or two from now? This is not a popularity contest dear parent or care-giver. It’s not by who bought the “reigning” toy or who lets them dress the way they like however indecent it may be. That doesn’t count in the department of working hard.

Being present versus outsourcing them to other care givers ala family members and counting it as time spent with you. This right here is hardly working. Giddy up and work hard!

Ok so you’re working – interesting zone to ask a couple of working hard or hardly working questions.

·        On developing another leaderconsciously in your organisation irrespective of how you’ve been treated – WH or HW?

On being an authentic leader without bootlicking and ass-kissing? WH or HW?

·        On flagging wastefulness and treating company property in a way you won’t treat yours? WH or HW?

How about giving back? Oh ! Not just to those in physical need by the road side but giving back knowledge, giving back advice, giving back your time? Your resources?

On mindfully completing performance evaluations as a leader and requesting for time to get feedback as a team member – how would you rate? 0 or 100?

On paying your debts or facilitating the payment of vendors of your company – are you working hard or hardly working?

·        How about your rating on improving your listening skills? Working hard or hardly working?

On doing good work? You know – not just glossing over i-don’t-care work but doing work like it depended ONLY on you and you were in it for it? WH or HW?

On enriching others nko? Yes I said “nko” 🙂 [Nigerian slang]. It’s August – and the 2017 clock is ticking. Name eight people you have enriched in 2017. If its less than eight then you’re hardly working (HW).

We have almost 150 days left in 2017 – are you working hard or hardly working in every area of life? Selah!

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